Field Safety Rules

WINGBUSTERS SAFETY RULES Revision 12 - Amended April 2012

  1. All flyers must have current AMA and WINGBUSTERS membership, unless a guest. Guests must provide proof of current AMA and be accompanied by a current WINGBUSTERS member.
  2. Club members will produce, if required, their current AMA and WINGBUSTERS membership cards.
  3. Mandatory transmitter impound is required for all 72 MHz transmitters, 2.4 GHz. transmitters are exempt from impound
  4. Frequency pin must be on frequency board while using 72 MHz transmitters, with 8 or less transmitters in operation at the field 2.4 GHz is exempt from needing a pin on the frequency board.
    1. When the 9th transmitter shows up his pin must go on the waiting pole, and all 2.4 GHz pins must go up on the frequency board if not already there like 72 MHz.
    2. As soon as one of the 8 active transmitters finishes that pilot should remove the pin from the frequency board allowing the next pilot on the waiting pole to go active, the pilot must then place it on the waiting pole if they wish to fly again.
  5. All flight boxes and aircraft will be kept in the pit area.
  6. No taxiing or taking off from the pit area.
  7. All flying, including takeoffs and landings, must be done from the pilot stations.
  8. No flying below 100 feet over the runway while other pilots are on the field.
  9. No running of internal combustion engines before 8:00 am.
  10. Anyone operating a gasoline powered engine must have a fire extinguisher approved for flammable liquids in their flight box.
  11. A maximum of 8 (EIGHT) transmitters may be used at one time, with a maximum of 4 (FOUR) being used on the flight line.
  12. Gasoline powered engines must be equipped with a kill switch.
  13. Absolutely no flying permitted over the pits or parking area.
  14. With the exception of AMA Sanctioned Events, all internal combustion engines over .10 must be equipped with functioning mufflers. Internal combustion engines manufactured before 1950 are exempt.
  15. Operation of jet turbine engines is prohibited.
  16. Helicopter hovering is restricted to the designated hovering area only.
  17. Fixed wing hovering is prohibited over the portion of the runway in front of the pit area.
  18. All dogs brought to the field must remain in vehicles at all times.
  19. Junior members must be accompanied by parent or guardian.
  20. Night flying is permitted until 10PM, electric powered aircraft only, and all aircraft must have lights.
  21. When taxing your aircraft off the runway for shutdown, It is a requirement to re-direct the airplane toward the tall grass, fence or away from the opening to the pits.  Taxing straight into the pits is no longer allowed.
  22. The set up tables are to be kept to the center of the pit area, away from the fence behind the pilot's station, and also the shelter. The set-up tables may be moved adjacent to the fence near the parking lot. They should be staggered so as not to be aimed directly at the other tables or spectators.
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